Samsung Explains Why the Galaxy Note 7 Has Been Exploding


The Samsung Co. has stated that as of January 23rd they will disclose the findings of their investigation to explain just as to why the Galaxy Note 7 had been exploding.

Reports have stated that Samsung examined the batteries of the device and claim they served as the primary reasons as to why the phones were catching on fire and exploding.

According to the current reports, the internal hardware along with the software of the Galaxy Note 7 did not serve as contributors for the defaulted devices.

Improper Batteries

The Wall Street Journal stated that based on the current findings in on the ongoing investigation, Samsung had come to another unusual finding.

A few of the Galaxy Note 7’s batteries had apparently been irregularly sized.

As a result, the space within the phone could not accommodate the improper battery that was put in it.

The lack of proper space for the battery then causes it to overheat and eventually explode.

Reports have also stated that some manufacturing problems had resulted as well for the batteries, but no further information has yet been revealed on this matter.

Wrong Switch

Samsung has switched between two different types of batteries for the defaulted device. One of the batteries had been manufactured by Samsung’s SDI partner.

The second battery had been manufactured through Amperex Technology. Originally Samsung had thought that the exploding batteries had been from their partner Samsung SDI, since the improper battery sizes had been sighted in the beginning phases of the investigation.

As a result, Samsung then switched to getting the batteries from Amperex Technology which served as their primary manufacturers after their first batch of the Galaxy Note 7 had to be recalled.

Samsung has not elaborated any further on the matter as they have announced that they will disclose the full matter as of January 23rd.


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