Fisherman survives horrific incident in which his face is SPEARED


A man has survived a horrific freak accident while on a spearfishing trip in North America. A large metal spear pierced through his face and came out the other side, somehow managing to miss any vital organs or veins.

The long metal rod went in just below his ear on one side of his face, coming out of his cheek on the other side. Gruesome images taken while he is waiting to undergo surgery have been shared across social media, receiving thousands of shares and likes. Many people have commented that they could not understand how he had managed to survive such an accident. Once person commented that the image showed exactly why they were so scared of spearfishing. However, others were less sympathetic, saying that he would now know what the fish felt like.


He is seen with blood covering his nose and chin as he tries to cope with the pain. The image shows that despite the terrible accident, he has been incredibly lucky to survive as if the spear had gone in just millimetres higher, he could have died.

It is understood that the man, who has not been named, has now had surgery and is on the road to recovery. A friend shared images of him following his operation smiling and giving the peace sign.


It is believed that the incident took place on a spearfishing trip just off the coast in the Bahamas, although the circumstances of how the accident happened are not yet known. There have been a number of spearfishing accidents in recent months, including one where a man spearfishing in Sarasota, Florida, was placed on life support after an accident which happened when he bumped into his friend getting out of the water, somehow launching a speargun into his own head.



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