The Top Instagrammed Locations of London


London has quite a fan base on Instagram, and recently figures have been revealed showing just which locations in the lively city have had the top posts on Instagram.

Of course as expected, Big Ben, Westminster, and Buckingham Palace were the top three locations that received the highest posts on Instagram.

The restaurant of Ledbury however, situated in Notting Hill, earned a number of posts adding up to 4,760 in the previous year, coming beneath the Lexington bar which received 6,289 posts, according to a research that had been conducted by Witter Towbars.

Next on the list came the Le Gavroche restaurant located in Mayfair, which earned itself a number 2,785 Instagram posts.

The restaurant with the lowest post count on Instagram was the Seven Park Place located in St. James’s Hotel.

Special to You Only

Andrew Royles from Witter Towbars explained why it is Instagram is quite more unique in posting on it rather than say TripAdvisor.

According to Royles, he states that Instagram serves as a platform for its users to solely post photographs of moments and locations that express strictly what is special and cherished by them, nothing extra or less.

Royles claims that on TripAdvisor, it serves as more of a rating and popularity platform, whereas Instagram users specifically post photos of what it is they admire the most, without a one star or five star rating added to it.

With No Doubt

Big Ben no doubt came out on top in earning itself the most posts on Instagram, receiving a number of 2,011,876 posts alone.

Westminster followed behind it on the list, and Buckingham Palace came out third place, receiving half a million posts on Instagram.

According to the chief executive of Be Social Global, Dave Burt, he states that it is up to someone now to determine when capturing a photo for Instagram whether or not it is considered an “Instagrammable” material or not, in order to receive a certain popularity.


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