Man With Height of 6 ft. 7 in. Receives Driving Ban


Adam Elliott, 26, a man whose height reaches 6 ft. and 7 inches has just received a driving ban from roads after he allegedly had been driving a small convertible with his head way above the windscreen.

Adam was described as a “Big Friendly Giant at the wheel of Noddy’s car,” when the court had received the complaints.

The authorities of Northumbria had requested Adam to pull over as he was driving his Ford Ka. The police were shocked and in a state of awe as they saw the giant driving his car above the Tyne Bridge and cross over into Newcastle with the windscreen far lower than the man’s neck level.

Too Tall for the Car

At first the police officers had thought that perhaps the driver was not sitting down but actually standing while driving the vehicle.

However as Adam had gotten out of his vehicle, it was evident that he had simply been way too tall for the tiny car.

Adam denied any claims that he had been standing in the vehicle, adding that he simply could not fit into the convertible due to his height.

Showing Off the Height

Despite his height, Adam did confess to driving rather recklessly as he went from Gateshead till Newcastle.

The behavior that Adam had carried out during the journey was captured by cameras of CCTV.

Judge Robert Adams stated in court to Adam that it was quite obvious and evidently clear that he wished to do nothing less but to show off his height by putting his overly sized figure in a tiny convertible vehicle.

Judge Adams went on to say that this matter had obviously distracted other drivers on the road and this in itself serves as dangerous form of behavior.

Adams claims that he had to plead guilty in order to finish the entire case, and added that his business is specifically in purchasing and selling cars to customers. As of now, he is thinking of either leaving this field or perhaps hiring a driver from now on.


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