Melina Roberge a Instagram Influencer know as ‘Cocaine Babe’ founded guilty for Drug Smuggling


A founded guilty drug importer understood for her luxurious Instagram images has actually been sentenced to jail in Australia for assisting smuggle $21 million worth of drug into the nation.

Melina Roberge will serve an optimum of 8 years in prison, inning accordance with the Washington Post. The sentence brings a necessary minimum of 4 years and 9 months, implying that her earliest release date could be May 2021.

The 24-year-old Roberge, a Canada local who ended up being understood in Australian media as “Drug Babe,” wept as she discovered her fate.

Roberge was called an Instagram influencer, publishing trendy images of herself and her good friends in glamorous environments. The Sydney Early morning Herald reported that she was drawn into drug smuggling by an older male she called her “sugar daddy.”

Everything pertained to an end in July 2016, when she accepted a complimentary journey on the Sea Princess, a high-end cruise liner that made drop in numerous nations in the southern hemisphere, consisting of Colombia, Peru, New Zealand and Australia, reports CBS.

When the ship docked, authorities robbed the boat and detained 3 Canadians, consisting of Roberge, for importing 209 pounds of drug. Inning accordance with the New York City Post, she stood to make $100,000 from the plot.

Roberge and her 2 pals– Isabelle Lagace, 29, and Andrew Tamine, 63– were imprisoned and accuseded of importing an industrial amount of drug, which brings an optimum charge of life in prison. All 3 have actually pleaded guilty. Lagace has actually been sentenced to a minimum of 4 1/2 years for carrying the compound, with an optimal regard to 7 1/2 years. Tamine is still waiting for sentencing.

In court on Wednesday, Judge Kate Traill of the New South Wales District Court acknowledged that Roberge appeared to be truly sorry and had “a great chance of rehab.”

Then the judge slammed Roberge, stating she was encouraged to go on the cruise by the concept of publishing Instagram pictures in unique places, the Early morning Herald reported.

” This is an unfortunate indictment on her relative age in our society,” the judge stated. “It is sad they look for to achieve such a vacuous presence, where the number of ‘likes’ they get is their currency.”

She included, “This highlights the unfavorable impact of social networks on girls.”


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