You can’t cherry pick what you want from a deal with Brussels: EU leaders hit back at Theresa May


Angry Brussels bosses have hit by at British Prime Minister Theresa May after she threatened to walk away with no deal, rather than a bad deal if negotiations to leave the EU don’t go her way.

Mrs May says she will be taking Britain out of the single market so that she can regain control of Britain’s borders. However, EU chiefs have criticised her hard hitting approach, saying she can’t expect just cherry pick the best bits of being in Europe.

Guy Verhofstadt, the Belgian politician in charge of Brexit negotiations for the European Parliament said that he welcomed further clarity from Mrs May. However, he said that the days of Britain being able to cherry pick were over.

Realistic plan

EU Council president Donald Tusk was less critical. He said that Mrs May was being realistic in her plans for Brexit and added that the EU’s other 27 members states were ready to sit down with her to start negotiations. It is understood that the Prime Minister has now spoken to German and French heads of state Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that her European counterparts had welcomed Mrs May’s “commitment to the continuing strength of the EU”.

Mrs May earlier gave her longest speech about Brexit since Britain voted to leave the EU in the June referendum. She said that Britain would hit back hard if the EU tried to hand out a punitive deal, saying that if Brussels was not flexible it could be “crushed into tiny pieces”.

She did, however, give some concessions to MPs, saying that once a deal was negotiated, MPs would be allowed to vote on the proposals. Mrs May said that her plans would put Britain in a strong position to become a great, global trading nation.



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