Legal Insurrection and Influential Conservative Infringements Caught on YouTube


YouTube channel noticed copyright infringements on the channel regarding the videos posted on their video services by the influential conservative politics and Legal Insurrection, a law website.

YouTube released a statement afterwards in which they said that they have removed the channel after several claims from external parties had notified them of copyright infringement from the videos that had been posted.

William Jacobson, founder of Legal Insurrection, expressed his rage and utter disappointment to the unexpected removal of the channel by saying that the feeling of having material and content for over 8 years to just get removed is quite an infuriating feeling.

Sneaky Motives

According to Mr. Jacobson, he claims that the motive behind removing the channel was “clearly” a politically motivated one.

Mr. Jacobson went on to add that he had never been notified or informed of any copyright infringement claims before the channel was removed from YouTube last Thursday.

Last Friday, Mr. Jacobson was informed that the claims of the infringement were filed by the Modern Languages Association, (MLA) after an audio note had been posted in which a call to boycott Israeli universities was called for to take place in MLA.

Still Not Convinced

Mr. Jacobson says that prior to this event, he had never faced any type of situation or previous quarrels with the MLA, adding that the content that had been removed served as nothing less than well informing sets of news value.

The founder of Legal Insurrection has requested from the YouTube channel to reactivate their channel again and restore all the content that had been tossed aside. “This is an attempt to silence our reporting on a matter of great public importance,” Mr. Jacobson said.

Further frustration was expressed by Mr. Jacobson as he says that copyright cases are treated with utmost care from his side, and that their material had consisted of original content that had apparently also been validated and posted by other websites.


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