What US President Donald Trump think about Nibiru and Doomsday


Conspiracy theorists think the United States President is apparently in on the Nibiru trick, regardless of the world’s whole clinical neighborhood in agreement that it does not exist.

One follower is attempting to persuade the world that the president tweeted about the notorious death world today.

However claims get back at wilder as there is no proof of the tweet– since it was quickly erased, the theory recommends.

The site making the unusual claims is Someones  Bones– an “independant publisher” which counts on “donatoins” for assistance– and has actually often released short articles about Trump’s supposed belief in the world, obviously the outcome of a tip-off from Russian President Vladimir Putin, too his rumoured top-secret look for a main Nibiru consultant.

Doomsday enthusiasts think Nibiru is a planetary system from beyond the edge of the planetary system and its arrival will declare completion of the world.

David Meade, a Christian numerologist, very first anticipated that Planet X– or Nibiru– was harming to the Earth and would erase humankind on September 23, 2017.

However after his extravagant forecast, based upon covert mathematical codes apparently concealed within the Bible, cannot take place Meade has actually altered his barmy claims.

Meade declared individuals have actually misconstrued his prediction and the end ofthe world will occur over a duration of 7 years beginning in October.

His most current claims recommend that on April 23 2018 the sun, moon and Jupiter will line up in the constellation Virgo, triggering the start of the scriptural Rapture.

He declares that on this night, the strange “death world” will appear in the sky, setting off the start of World War 3, increase of the Antichrist, and 7 years of Adversity.

NASA’s leading boffins have actually long fought false information and end-of-world theories from conspiracists who declare to have more clinical authority than the world’s leading astrophysicists.

The United States area company’s lead researcher Dr David Morrison stated: “There is no reliable proof whatever for the presence of Nibiru.”


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